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College Recruiting

Recruiting Questions

Many questions will, and should, come up throughout your recruiting process. The bottom line in choosing a college is simple.... Choose a school that you would go to if you were not going to play sports! Your chance of playing professional sports is very slim. Go to college to get an education, meet lifetime friends, play some sports & have fun! When the final whistle blows and you're 21 years old and out of college, what you will have is experience, memories and a college degree. Don't make the mistake of selecting a college only because they are the only school that offered you a scholarship.

Questions for Coaches:

  1. What kind of academic support does the college provide? (tutors, etc)
  2. What is the team grade point average?
  3. What is the team graduation rate?
  4. Do you provide academic counseling? If so, please explain your program.
  5. Do you provide tutors?
  6. Do you have required study sessions? During off-season? During in-season?
  7. What percentage of your players graduate from your program?
  8. What has been your team GPA in the past?
  9. What are some of the majors of team players?
  10. What will it cost me to attend your college?
  11. What positions are you recruiting me for?
  12. At my position, what does the depth chart look like?
  13. How many incoming players are you recruiting for this position?
  14. Where do I stand on the recruiting list?
  15. How many assistant coaches are there and what are their previous experiences and responsibilities?
  16. Do you take a spring trip? If so, where? How many players will you take on your trip?
  17. Are there any limitations in your conference regarding roster limits for conference games?
  18. What is your policy regarding freshman participation?
  19. What has been the success of your program over the past several years?
  20. What is your league policy regarding placement of players in summer collegiate leagues?
  21. How many of your former players have had the opportunity to play professional baseball?
  22. Do you travel by bus, van, or airplane?
  23. How many hours do you practice?
  24. Do you have indoor as well as outdoor facilities?
  25. Does your college have a drug testing program?
  26. What are my scholarship opportunities?
  27. Is my scholarship guaranteed for four years? If not, how is it renewed?
  28. If I am offered a scholarship from your school, what percentage of room, board, and tuition and fees will it cover?
  29. What is the average size of scholarships in your program?
  30. What happens if I'm injured and cannot play the rest of the year?
  31. What are your red-shirt procedures? Will I be red-shirted in my freshman year?
  32. Does the scholarship cover summer school?
  33. Will the scholarship cover a fifth year if necessary?
  34. If I come as a walk-on, do I have a chance to earn a scholarship based on performance?

Questions for Team Members:

  1. Does the coach teach at the school?
  2. How is the morale on the team?
  3. Does the team like the staff?
  4. Is the coach interested in academics?
  5. Do the athletes really have to go to all classes?
  6. How long is practice?
  7. Would you go to this school if you had to choose again?
  8. What is the average class size?
  9. What are the dorms like?
  10. Are the professors accessible?
  11. Do the athletic dept. tutors do a good job?
  12. What is Campus life like?
  13. Do most players live on campus?
  14. Will I be roomed with another baseball player?
  15. Do you give meal money or have team meals on the road?
  16. Do you have a pre-game or post-game meal for home games?

Questions for Admissions:

  1. What is the average class size and ratio per professor?
  2. Who teaches classes? (Professors, teacher assistants)
  3. What is enrollment of college?
  4. How is my major regarded?
  5. What percent of graduates from my major receive jobs within three months of graduation?
  6. How many fraternities and sororities are available?
  7. What are the housing policies?
  8. May I sit in on a class in my major? (as a guest)
  9. How accessible are counselors to me?

Summary Questions for Yourself:

  1. Did I have a good overall feeling about the school?
  2. Would I go to school here if I wasn't going to play sports?
  3. What is Campus life like?
  4. Will I fit into the athletic program?
  5. Am I satisfied with the living arrangements?
  6. Am I satisfied with the academic opportunities? How far do I want to be from home?
  7. Am I interested in a particular school? If not, tell the school as soon as possible.
  8. Do I feel comfortable with the coaches?
  9. What type of reputation do the coaches and the program have?
  10. When do I want to decide on a college?
  11. Have my parents had an opportunity to visit with the coaches or view the college and its facilities?
  12. Are my grades of the caliber to succeed at the college?
  13. Have I visited with my high school counselor regarding college entrance requirements?
  14. Have I forwarded my AVT and SAT results to the college that I'm interested in?
  15. Have I forwarded a copy of my high school transcripts to all the colleges that I'm interested in?

How to Respond to Recruiters:

  1. Always be courteous. Don't play hard to get or make false pretensions of interest. Let the college know where you stand.
  2. Respond to requests for information (questionnaires, academic information, and your summer schedule) as soon as possible.
  3. If you are interested in a college, don't hesitate to make the first move via a telephone call or a letter of introduction.
  4. Keep all appointments. If you have scheduled a time to visit with a recruiter, don't neglect to reschedule a time if you can't attend a meeting or visit.
  5. Thank all coaches for their interest, even though you have decided not to consider their college. Thank-you notes after unpaid and paid visits leave recruiters and coaches with a positive image of you as a player and, more importantly, as a person.